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From the desk of Tim Randle, late Friday afternoon

It's been a hectic week and I'm finally getting a few quiet moments to tell you about something that could really help you out.

If you're familiar with REIClub, then you know what a strong Real Estate Investor community it is. If you're new to us, you'll quickly see what a deep resource REIClub is for Investors.

REIClub has produced content that inspired clients to say...

"informative, very concise, and straight forward"

"He didn't hold back and gave a lot of good information that I can use right away"

"very informative and there is a lot ... that they talk about that I didn't know"

"... a seemingly endless treasure for real estate information"

"... interview was real helpful with my website"

"His approach to using ... is a real gem of an idea"

"The smart investors turn to REIClub.com as their first, and sometimes only, real estate resource on the web"

Over the years we've done countless training webinars and teleseminars, published pages and pages of articles and provided swarms of tools and resources - all aimed at helping Real Estate Investors realize more success, more easily.

REIClub.com continues to be the premier resource and portal for all things Real Estate Investing.

Today I want to tell you about - and - invite you to become an REIClub Pro member. We've put together an unbelievable collection of top shelf premium Real Estate Investor How To, tools and resources. Empowering, real-world Real Estate Investor information stacked high, all in one place, all designed to multiply your success AND divide the time it takes to reach and exceed your goals.

Not just a single expert.
Not just a single niche.
But an entire Brain Trust of high performing experts confessing exactly what works and what doesn't.

Why Haven't You Been Told About This Before
... Well The Simple Reason Is:
We're Just Opening Our (Virtual) Doors

Most membership clubs start with a single month of content. Not REIClub Pro! I wanted at least a year of content stacked up for you before opening the doors. Of course we'll be adding more every month.

Initial members that join REIClub Pro will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to at least:

* 81 Training Webinars and Videos where you sit in on an advanced class about a particular Real Estate Investing niche or business building topic. Each of these explicit How To's could be sold individually for $97 to $297.

* 44 In-Depth Expert Interviews with best lessons learned and best current strategies, systems, resources and tools for that niche. Each interview is around 60 minutes of hard core Q&A digging into the experts current successful practices. You'll also get the transcripts to read over, scan and skip through, study and markup with notes to easily review when you need that clarification or re-introduction. Individually these could be sold for $67 to $147.

* 22 Critical Checklists, Forms and Contracts for Business Structure, Marketing, Analyzing Deals, Buying & Selling, Rehabbing, Renting & Property Management, Short Sales and Legal Documents.

* Monthly Newsletters to keep you up to date on the latest Real Estate Investor news, focus your business and highlight the latest resources.

And The Content Grows Every Month

REIClub Pro is a treasure vault for topics such as:

Apartment Investing
Commercial Property Investing
REO Investing
Short Sales Investing
Foreclosure Investing
Probate Investing
Flipping Luxury Homes
Lease Options and Subject To's
Tax Liens Investing
International Investing
Land Investing
RV Park Investing
Mobile Home Park Investing
Self Storage Investing
Discounted Notes
Loss Mitigation
Loan Modification
Using IRA money for Investing
Private Money
Seller Financing
Business Credit
Grant Money
Finding Motivated Sellers
Finding Cash Buyers
How to Create an Online Real Estate Empire
Social Media Marketing
Automating Lead Capture
Direct Mail Marketing
Post Card Marketing
Toll Free Numbers
Bandit Signs
Virtual Assistants
Automating Business Systems
Structuring Business Entities
Avoiding Lawsuits
Asset Protection
Smart Tax Planning
Credit Repair

Featuring practicing Investors and teachers such as:

Josh Cantwell
Alan Cowgill
Patrick Riddle
Than Merrill
Bill Bronchick
Darius Barazandeh
Peter Conti
David Lindahl
Cory Boatright
Ron LeGrand
Vena Jones-Cox
Greg Clement
Terry Wygal
Richard Roop
Frank Rolfe
Cameron Dunlap
John Burley
Jay Anderson
Jim Warr
Wendy Patton
Scott Meyers
Nathan Jurewicz
George Fuchs
Marlene Maheu
Tim Mai
Mike Collins
Steve Cook
John Hyre
Mark Klee
Scott Scheel
Ray Alcorn
Tracy Ballard
Jason Medley
Kent Clothier
Scott Rister
Zach Childress
Donna Bauer
Jeff Watson
Dwan Twyford
Bill Twyford
Kendra Todd
Larry Goins
Justin Ryan
David Whisnant
Sam Weisgal
Jeff Adams
Colin Egbert
Tony Martinez

Not Just A Single Niche. Not Just One Expert...
A Virtual Brain Trust of Real World Real Estate Investor Acumen

Go deep in any single niche or explore strategies you're curious about... Get an inside look and evaluate if it's a good niche for you without spending hundreds or thousands for home study courses or seminars.

Sure you could figure it all out on your own... but
How long would it take?
At what cost?

"As a new investor, the information on the website is a gold mine of valuable interviews and material. Instead of reading books and articles on particular real estate strategies and wondering whether what is presented in the books actually work, the interviews are a great tool not only to learn the subject for the first time, but to prove any doubt that the strategies will work. What I liked about the interviews is the great follow up questions Tim asks. Sometimes he asks the question just as I'm thinking about it and most of the time, I didn't even think of asking the questions he asks.

Therefore, I really get a lot out of the interviews and they're a fast way of getting to know the business of real estate without having to spend a good amount of time bouncing around the internet search for these types of strategies. What I forgot to mention was since these are recorded interviews both in audio and print, I have the ability to listen to them while at work or driving home in LA traffic and then refer to the transcript for the detailed version. I highly recommend becoming a member and exposing yourself to these great interviews as well as all the helpful material on the website. "

Randy Camat
West Covina, CA

"I got the opportunity to try REIClub Pro free for a month. I am glad I took advantage of the opportunity and have decided to keep the subscription as there were so many resources that investors such as myself could use. Through REIClub Pro I came across referrals to many useful 3rd party service providers covering all areas from marketing to virtual assistants that I plan start using.

However, my favorite two sections were the Interviews and the Webinars from experts, which covered the whole gamut of topics from asset protection and IRA investing to commercial real estate and apartments. The interviews, which by the way are so thorough, prompted me to diversify my real estate investing business to expand beyond single family wholesaling and rehabbing to include bulk REOs, cooperative lease options, and apartments.

The lease option insight is already allowing me to monetize leads that I wasn't pursuing before. I am trying to develop connections with bank asset managers for the REOs and I am also ordering books and educational materials on the apartments. Thank you REIClub Pro for introducing me to new concepts and providing a lot of detailed information about them. Thanks."

Amit Kabnurkar
Richmond, VA

"The REIClub private money interviews are an invaluable tool for anyone looking to ramp up their ability to acquire investment properties. I have long struggled with the inner battle of wanting to become an investor, but not having the funds to make the deals. My eyes have now been opened to a variety of easy, straight-forward, and practical ways to acquire money for my deals with little or no red tape and on terms that I get to set.

The interviews serve as step-by-step guides for the entire process, from finding the people to ask, to getting them to commit the money, to creating recurring lenders and referrals. Each of the interviews goes into details of how these three very successful individuals are doing their deals right now. There are no vague generalities that you have to try to apply in your local setting. This is the real deal of how to find private money and make your deals happen."

Chris Walter
Mechanicsburg, PA

I don't personally know what your financial goals are. But I DO KNOW you can put this coveted information to work for you and leverage Real Estate Investing to create wealth and financial freedom and along the way...

Quit your job and FINALLY become a 'full time' investor...
Bring your spouse home from work...
Buy that new car, boat or vacation home you've been dreaming about...
Send your kids to college (and not worry about the expenses)...
Take the family on more vacations!
Pay off ALL OF YOUR DEBT now! (not over 20 or 30 years)...
Have more time for hobbies and other things you love...
Open a savings account and start paying CASH for the things you really want, or just...
Become the bread-winner you know your family needs and deserves.

It Doesn't Stop There...

That's what's already waiting for you as soon as you join but there's more great content to come. Every month with metronomic regularity, at minimum you'll get...

* Expert Interview CD - a new hard hitting, strategy and tactic-rich, pause and rewind detail-dense, real-world-relevant, expert interview delivered to you by mail on CD. Listen from your computer, your car, your portable mp3 player, wherever. Plus you'll have instant online access to the interview through your member area.

* Transcript of monthly interview delivered to you by mail on CD. Professional transcript of the interview to read over, scan and skip through, study and markup with notes to easily review when you need that clarification or re-introduction.

* New Training Webinars and Videos - your virtual classroom seat with top practicing Investors inside your membership area.

* 10% off all REIClub-owned products and events for as long as you're a member. As they say: "Membership has it's privileges". And while you're an REIClub Pro Member you qualify for an automatic 10% off any product or event REIClub owns.

"I can tell you that in reading these interviews, they are very informative and there is a lot about wholesaling that they talk about that I didn't know. It is truly a learning process for me reading the transcripts of these interviews. The interview with Steve Cook was very informative. Good ideas & tips that I should be able to use once my business gets off the ground."

Mary Mathews
Bedford, TX

"It was in the second half of 2009 when I began to look into the little known (in NYC) shortsale market. I was introduced to several investors that were negotiating shortsales and I quickly saw the potential to make money in this area. With some help from these gentlemen I worked my way through my first shortsale in about 8 months - not exactly a moneymaking machine!

Then I came across REIClub and their new short sales interview series CDs. I knew there had to be a better way to navigate through the short sale process, and I hoped this series would guide me to it.

My hopes became reality when I received an approval on my next short sale offer within 4 weeks - thanks to the advice that helped me streamline the entire short sale process and take me straight to the negotiators able to make a quick decision on the deal. I am also very close to completing 2 more deals, and because of this success I have several other property owners reaching out TO ME! I have recently begun my own company designed to negotiate short sales for homeowners, using the advice from the REIClub short sales interview series."

Nicholas Trerotola
Brooklyn, NY

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

I"m so confident that you will love this powerful real estate investing information that I"m willing to bear 100% of the risk for the next 30 days. That means that you can get in now plus get all the bonuses RISK FREE and give it a shot for 30 days. If you aren"t happy for any reason simply let us know and I"ll immediately cancel your order and I"ll even let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you!

REIClub Pro
The most up-to-date real estate investing information available anywhere for any price!

Join Today For Instant Access and Dig In Immediately

And not to worry, you can un-join at any time. No delays. No penalties.

What are you waiting for?

Claim Your Spot Now!

YES! I am ready to take action and become an REIClub Pro Member at the special entry price of $39.95 per month! I'm aware I will be billed monthly every 30 days and I can easily cancel at anytime. I am also aware I'm getting such a great deal because I am one of the first to order.

Access to Over 158 Trainings, Tools and Resources


Next Month's REIClub Interview (CD & Transcript)


Proof of Funds Letter


Transactional Funding


10% Off All REIClub-Owned Products and Events


Total Value Today:



"REIClub Pro Membership"

Regular Price $97, Today $39.95


I hope to see you on the inside.

Good Investing,

P.S. What's missing in your Real Estate Investment education? You bet there are riches to be had in Real Estate Investing but of course the path can be littered with pitfalls and blind alleys. Smart people learn from experience. A wise person learns from other people's experience. Learn from the experience of more than 86 smart people inside the doors of REIClub Pro.

Yes, I Want Instant Access To REIClub Pro Now!

"Than Merrill's interview was real helpful with my website. He showed me that you got to offer something on your site that will be of value to the viewer, other than your own personal story of real estate investing. You got to make people want to go to the site, but also when there, want to work with you and leave their contact information. I know now, that I am going to make my website more interactive with videos and information that will make the viewer stay in contact with me. Most importantly, he stressed you got to be active and do your business, while at the same time setting time a side to learn and review infromation and ideas about real estate, in order to improve yourself and your business. Great advice.

I found Mike Collins biggest secret very interesting, being a people's person, and having empathy for the seller. I think that is a big part of the business; listening to people and helping them solve their real estate problems. This is skill in active listening is something that all real estate investors should have because, like Mike says, "it opens up more possiblities in ways to acquire real estate." This will definitely give an edge over your competition. Plus, its reassuring to still hear that he uses the traditional methods of marketing, bandit signs, door hangers, postcards.... I kept putting the door hangers out there myself and it has finally paid off!!! I got my first response yesterday, and I am meeting the owner tonight. And traffic on my website is up, too.

I really like Steve Cook's interview. He didn't hold back and gave a lot of good information that I can use right away. His approach to using a shotgun method of making offers with a realtor is a real gem of an idea. By being able to provide 100% financing for his buyers, he really exemplified why its so important to work closely with local bankers. He further elaborates why its so important to put together a solid team because they can be your bird dogs for you as well. All of this will definitely help anyone find more deals for themselves and be able to find buyers who will be able to quickly close the deals."

Andrew Christen
Chicago, IL

"REIClub Pro has given me totally new outlooks on different options in my real estate investing ventures. Webinars, interviews, you name it this site has it. From information that you thought you may know everything about to information you had no idea could make so much money. For example, listening to the webinar from Mike Warren about Tax liens and judgements. The ability to make money on properties you have no interest in buying. The webinar with Larry Goins about a process easier than "wholesaling". These webinars are real gems to be very grateful for. REIClub Pro gives new investors and current investors an edge on any competition in the real estate field. REIClub is a great website, but REIClub Pro is really a step up and great investment one could have in themselves."

Brandon Jenkins
Midlothian, IL

Yes, I Want Instant Access To REIClub Pro Now!